The magic that will turn the fantasy into reality in 2019!

Fantasy - the word that entire world understands as something imaginary, even unreal. Entire world but not sports lovers, people who are interested in life and stats of particular players. Since 1962 when the first Fantasy league was created, it has been considered as one of the most engaging player oriented games in the world. In the beginning, people were gathering in sports bars to collect their squad and compete with other visitors, now it has gone online.  

With over 57,5 millions players all over the world, Fantasy sports becomes an additional profit generation channel for different industries. When studying trends in different countries, one common tendency can be noticed

Fantasy sports becomes a supplementary product that increases revenue and customer loyalty. 

Let's assume a situation where additional traffic, higher loyalty level and opportunity of cross sale is combined with the "network"

On average, the user is visiting the web page during one contest 3 times a day! 


Social Fantasy sport software is a great tool of making the visitors not only to spend more time on the site but also come back again and again. By entering the Fantasy sports contest visitor become connected with the web page, and come back to check the points both during the matches are live, and after the final whistle sounds. On average the user is visiting the web page during one contest 3 times a day.

Set the prize at the end of the road to gain better results


What makes online sports TV channel successful? For sure it's the time spent on the page.  Most frequently the visitors come to the page right before a specific match starts, but what if there is an opportunity to gather them an hour before the match and make them stay on the page for another hour after it finishes? Here Satellite Fantasy sports for Sport TV channels come into play, daily featuring the contest and making people become addicted to a specific TV channel.

Brilliant product that every gaming company should have in their portfolio in 2019.


The profit is there! Gaming companies are spending huge marketing budgets to increase the loyalty of their customer and make them to come back as much as possible. These are issues that Fantasy sports solves! By bringing the sense of “sport manager” closer to the client, Fantasy sports  engage them deeper and makes their gaming experience super comfortable.

Great results are hidden under controversial 

things, understand and accept them to be on 

the wave!


Get involved! A large number of industrialists and entrepreneurs all over the world are now seeking new opportunities, however, not all of them are aware of this simple truth - during the ICE 2019 in London, Fantasy sports and Betconstruct innovative duet will make the imaginary vision of gaming companies come true. While exploring the benefits of having Fantasy sports every person needs to know:


- It’s a game of players, not teams.  
 - It’s a competition of teams, not players.

For some reason, these controversial statements pushed most of the people away from this product. At the same time, the strange combination of these statements brings success to the ones who understand and accept them.  

“Game of players, not the teams” means that Fantasy sports offer the users freedom of choice from the list of players. Here, users act as sports managers: develop strategy, collect players, follow statistics, make transfers, etc. It is the concept that works for such world-known brands like FIFA, PES and Top Eleven.

“Competition of teams, not players” is where the profit is hidden. While creating the team users become linked to your web page and come back to see the status of their teams. Results are amazing: visits, average time on page and the number of returning users are growing day by day.

3 Key points to partner Betconstruct, in addition to the fact that “it’s Betconstruct!”

End users are the provocateurs of progress and continuous development. While we write and you read this article, the trends are being changed by them. They pay attention to the quality and level of personalization that companies provide. Applying these facts to the Fantasy sports brings us to the point where we realize that only the combination of most popular sports and 100% accurate data can satisfy the needs of nowadays fantasy sports lovers. Imagine the situation where Fantasy sports user from Germany wants to play on the Premier league market as well, or even further, wants to have his own American football squad. Here comes the first benefit of Betconstruct Fantasy sports - We provide quality Fantasy software and data for Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.

Each sport for sure has its own fantasy specifications, but there are also common parts that may affect user behaviour. In case the visitor does not have a clue about fantasy sports, one can use “Blitz” function where the system will provide them with a team and all they need to do is to press “Enter” button. For the experienced fantasy sports users, it is important to have an engaging interface where they can compare the players and view their statistics in order to tailor the perfect team.

As the single user satisfaction issue is resolved. It is the time to think about the places to find those users. In the age of total globalization, the optimal solution that comes to mind is “Network”. Deep understanding of this fact makes Betconstruct set a  goal of having “Network” as a prerequisite for the product launch. The liquidity of the network is growing day by day, and the new partners are able to start generating revenue from the very first opened contest



You may have a question: 


“All right, but where can I explore the software that you speak about?” 


Fair enough! Firstly you should be sure that your users will love it. 


So, the answer is there:


“Here and Now! Click “Free Demo” button and enjoy the game - “Create your own team!”